Corporate Identity

Talkie Magic Inc. wishes to use “Words, Images and Stories” in order to:

1) Stimulate everyone’s intellectual curiosity.
2) Enrich people’s hearts and minds.
3) Add excitement to our mundane everyday lives.
4) Bring joy to everybody, if only to a small extent.

It is our greatest desire to assume the role of the “Troubadour of the Global Village”.


Business Summary

Our company was founded near the turn of the century in Aoyama, Tokyo. It was conceived as a private office offering subtitles and various works translation. After registering as a company, we expanded our services to DVD authoring. Moreover, we broke into the pressing, packaging and assembly-related fields, which culminated in our foray into Blue-ray disc authoring in 2011. We have thus established a unique entity, resting on the diverse, yet synergetic twin pillars of authoring and translation.

In 2014, we decided to accomplish our original goal of purchasing and selling visual works. We have thus entered the ranks of video makers.

Thus, our company grew to specialize in the entire process necessary to bring foreign works to Japanese audiences. We have established a pipeline of necessary activities including the choice, purchase, localization, authoring/pressing, packaging (design/assembly) and shipping of foreign works. Along with this, we have cultivated a know-how of the production process, translation, video compilation, motion graphics and the like. We intend to continue developing our expertise to offer a creative, independent service not bound by any category, and yet embodying all of them.


At the end of 1920, movies with sound took over from silent movies and these movies called "talking pictures" came to be called "talkies". Time passed and the word "talkie" is no longer used today, but the nuance of the word and the nostalgic resonance it holds is a symbol of our role and of who we are. In short, we see it as our identity.

Movies and dramas are entertainment, and as such these shows have a role to entertain people. The pros that work on these shows make this happen. The dull, conventional translation does not do justice to the value of movies.

In shows, magic which is both skillful and stylish, is indispensable. Our company name "Talkie Magic" embodies our reserve to be the people that make this magic happen.

At Talkie Magic Inc., we have recently changed our logo. We have changed it from the movie film and reel logo to one with the powerful motive of a man digging up the ground with a hoe.

The new logo symbolizes the new path that our firm is to follow. Venturing to the corners of the world, we will dig up the ground to unearth top quality film works for the Japanese audience. It is in order to represent this concept that we selected the man with the hoe.

Furthermore, by growing and adding to movie-related production which was our sole focus to date, this image conveys our determination to carve out a new path in the film industry, one which we will "dig up" with our own hands.